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Афоризмы Джони Деппа

A letter of Julie, 2005.

Dear Johnny!

  We think that before we start to express our admiration we have to introduce ourselves to You. But You know about us nothing, don't you? Of course, you do. Certainly, we are only usual fans for You. But You mean very great deal for us. We know, it was silly to send the letter to the great man and famous actor like You but we will try to report you though a little bit of our love. It was difficult but we endeavoured, put in every word our souls. We knew and know – You’ll understand.
  But we hope we are lucky and now You hold this letter in Your arms. It’s our first try to express our gratitude and maybe it has successful result. Besides we dare to hope that You’ll read it till the end.
  We want to thank You. We want to thank this man, who affects our hearts; we see at him and at his characters and accomplish noble actions. The man who makes us happier.
  We respect You for your existence. We respect Your characters that You give as a present to the world, we respect Edward for his sad look, Don Juan for his romantic, Raoul Duke for his enthusiasm, merry and self-willed Captain Jack Sparrow for his wish to be really free … And, of course, You. We think You’re Very Talented Actor, even innate actor, it can see even man who knows nothing in this business. Unfortunately, we don’t know You personally but we think that You’re wonderful man, we’re sure of that. Because You give as a present gladness to people, affect their hearts, inspire them to do something big in their lives. So, now our confession is ending. Certainly, You’re a little bit tired of reading but if You still hold in Your arms this paper we want to wish You further creative successes, pretty roles as health and good luck. We wish the same to beautiful Vanessa and Your adorable children.
  Be happy!

From Russia with Love,

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Опубликовано на: 2005-06-08 (1808 Прочтено)

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